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The Canal


Guarding gate of the Ognon
Guarding gate of the Ognon

PK 147.500 - Porte de garde du demi Ognon

This particular structure has a single door. This is not a lock properly speaking but sophisticated weir designed to prevent the flooding of the river Ognon to not become the cause of damages to the Canal du Midi.

Indeed, in case of flooding, the Ognon which was diverted to make room for Canal tends to recover its original reads, raising the waters of the Canal, which may cause damages downstream (collapse diversion bays, etc.). To avoid this, the guard gate of the demi Ognon can be closed and the waters diverted to an outfall in order to deliver the waters of the Ognon in his new reads.


Année de construction : 1684
Halte la plus proche : Homps (1.8 km)