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Today Begles offers a comfortable living just outside the metropolis is Bordeaux.

In summer, beach's Begles allows on an area of ??1000 m² enjoy the benefits of a beach with white sand bordered by an era of more than 2000 m² landscaped and a lawn for relaxation, picnics and other services.
Bègles is one of the 27 cities that make up the Urban Community of Bordeaux (CUB).
This town beside Bordeaux has the qualities of a city on a human scale, although it enjoys all the benefits of CUB (Urban Community of Bordeaux).
She is close to Saint Ornon Villenave, to Talence in the West, Bordeaux to the north, and she is bordered by the Garonne in the East .

The people of Bordeaux receive benefit from the proximity of campuses and an extensive transportation network:

  • Rail: train station in Bordeaux, station Bordeaux Saint-Jean 5 minutes,
  • The tramway
  • Air: Bordeaux-Merignac airport 15 minutes
  • Infrastructure: direct access to the bypass.

The territory has singularities, it's the basic construction of the identity of the city: the nineteenth century, it was the cod drying plants, vegetables and complex implementation of the rail ;
Today, is particularly the notion of its past  that   the City strives to develop and maximize :
Trace workers strong, built on social conquests;
Trace peasant (gardeners), who survived by certain types of housing and space;
Trace linked to the estuary Bègles the rhythm of the tides, the solstices and equinoxes.


an outskirts of Bordeaux, surrounded by the Garonne and beside   the future economic hub of the Gare Saint-Jean, Bègles is a major territory, with some potential developments
and multiple opportunities for the future.

The remains of an ancient aqueduct,
Pool Classified Historical Monument for its mosaic decoration, its Creation Franche composed of an art gallery and museum is Begles, a site worth the detour.

The feast of the river Garonne occurs on the water and on its banks with multiple shows: boat parade, sound and light.
Skip to Begles in May, it's participate in the Festival of Cod in  this tradition in this old center and port codfisher ...


Yesterday Begles

The city dates back to nearly 150,000 years;
It is with the Benedictines that the city take an  importance religeuse becoming a shrine dedicated to St. Peter, the patron saint of fishermen.
Annexed by Philippe le Bel to the jurisdiction of Bordeaux in 1295, it will subsequently promulgated place of worship "Reformed" at the end of the XVI th century.

Begles in 1820 is composed of three villages and nine  hamlets with all inhabitants of a little over 2000 people for less than 540 homes.

Begles in 1820 is composed of three villages and nine  hamlets with all inhabitants of a little over 2000 people for less than 540 homes.
The economy is based on the drying of cod (Begles becomes the second largest city in France for the activities of drying's cod after Fécamps,  in the North )
production of fruits and vegetables as well as the establishment of vines producing a good wine: Graves, the name derived from the soil.
Indeed, it is in  the Tertiary period that the land called "Graves" was formed. It is characterized by a soil of gravel composed of quartz and quartzite ranging from white to red color, through ochres, pinks, jasper, of agatoïdes, flint and lydian, making these shades of gray and black .

Begles in 1930 became the first city in the suburbs with Bordelaise 3 ports : the main port connected to the town by a street (Avenue du Marechal Leclerc nowadays), the little harbor and the port of Saint-Maurice.

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