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In 1280 Cadillac was founded by the King of England's seneschal of Aquitaine named Jean de Grailly

In the early XVIIth century the Dukes of Epernon built a castle. This prestigious monument in its time rivalled the Royal Estates. Inside see the monumental fireplaces, the painted ceilings and the well preserved tapestries which welcomed such visitors as King Henri IV, Louis XIII and Louis XIV.

The town was a very busy port on the Garonne river because of its location between Castets en Dorthe and Bordeaux.

Today Cadillac 's economy is mainly due to the sweet white wine of the area including Cadillac, Loupiac and St Croix du Mont.

Cadillac celebrates the beginning of summer every year with a horn concert and a mass for Saint Hubert.

Halte la plus proche : Castets (15.8 km)