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Languedoc Roussillon
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This village at the time of bargees used to serve dinner on the third day of their journey.

Following Vauban's plan and completed by Jean David Maçon from Beziers, the Argent Double over-flow basin is a beautiful structure built in 1693.
It allows water to be drained off during the rises of the Argent double river.
Upstream the same river pass beneath the Canal that runs on the Argent Double aqueduct built in 1688.

Inside the Domaine de Jouarres ageing cellar built in 1896, one can see the small canal which conveyed the wine straight to the wine barges barrels on the Canal du Midi.

To visit :
- The château de La Redorte.

To see in the country side :
- The remarkable structure of the Argent Double water-flow basin , 1 Km from the Port de La Redorte,
- Villages of Escales , of Castelnau d'Aude,and Azille.

Where to eat :
The Rivassel.