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Languedoc Roussillon
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The origin of this village was Gallic inhabited by he Volsques-Tectosages tribe. Conquered by the Romans it was then called "Liviana", and later on was known under the name of"Massilia".

In the XIIth century it became a fortified town. Today the churh, the fortified walls and for the one interested in the history of communication a telegraph tower by Chappé, invented under the Revolution and used strategically, awaits your visit in the old city.
In the height of summer the triple locks of Fonfile is quite buzy.
From here, by bicycle, many villages are well worth the visit.

To see :
The Saint-André church
The fortress vestiges
The Chappée tower

To visit by bicycle :
Capendu : 2 km away, the exeptional Saint Martin Romanesque chapel
Barbaïra : 5 km away , beautiful medieval village
Badens : 3,5 km away , the fortified castle vestiges
Blomac : 2 km away , the Saint-Etienne church