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Haute Garonne
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Revel, market place
Revel, around the market place
Revel, its streets

Philippe V of Valois founded this fortified town in 1342, which is now an important centre for cabinet making.

In the square, in the centre of the town, is a belfry in the middle of a magnificent XIVth century covered market.

The timbering is quite remarkable. It used to be the town hall and watch tower, the consul's chambers, and the jail.

Pierre Paul Riquet, the father of the Canal du Midi and the Saint Ferreol Dam had his headquarters in one of the rooms.

The square is surrounded by splendid XVIIth and XVIIIth century houses.

Classed as one of the top ten markets in France, it is a wonderful place to buy local produces.

Revel is the hometown of an internationally renowned drink called Peppermint now called Get 27. A Mayor of the town, Jean Get and his brother, developed a miracle drink made from a peppery mint plant that grows in the surrounding hills. He used the latest marketing techniques of the end of the19th century and the best poster artists of the time. The impressive buildings of the Get brothers can be admired from the dam of the lake of Saint Ferréol, and are all that remains here of their adventure.


The Musée de Spéleologie covers the history, science and exploration techniques of caving. One room is entirely devoted to underground prehistory.