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Located on a hilltop, Saint-Julia de Gras-Capou used to be under the leadership of tf Saint Felix-Lauragais. Founded in the XVth century you enter this lovely fortified village by two gates dating fron the XVIth century called the Autan and Gers gates.

Visit the beautiful XIVth century church rehandled in the XVII th and XIX th centurys, its unusual five bells belfry under arcades, and its XIX th century castlle.
Three wind-mills are a reminder of the strong economy of this little town history and one should visit the mill - farm where pastel used to be made.
Always known for its gastronomy specialities,  the second part of Saint-Julia' s name means in occitan language the Christmas dish called "chapon" which is a castrated chichen.

  • To buy : on the 22nd of december fair, the famous" chapon"
  • Happening : town festival on the 3rd sunday of August.


Halte la plus proche : Port Lauragais (17.2 km)

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