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Tarn et Garonne
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Leisure base on the Garonne
Leisure base on the Garonne

The countryside of Saint Nicolas is particularly beautiful

Here, where the the Tarn and Garonne rivers meet, there is a 400 hectare park for sailing, rowing, canoeing, swimming, camping, horse back riding and more.

One can visit the Ile aux Oiseaux, the bird island, a natural pot of call for migratory species, then boat down the canal to Moissac.

Sometimes a little village becomes famous because of one of its inhabitants. This is the case for Saint Nicolas de la Grave

In 1658 Antoine Laumet was born in Saint Nicolas, then at 25 changed his name to Lamothe Cadillac. He went to America under the French flag and founded towns, including Detroit, now the home of General Motors.

The firm used the Lamothe Cadillac emblem and Cadillac name for their prestigious car.

The details of this story can be found in the French-American Lamothe Cadillac museum in Saint Nicolas.

Once a year, Cadillac owners from all over drive their cars to Saint Nicolas to celebrate the birth of their car.