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Landes Forest is a beneficial component and regulator of the climate for vineyards.

You will visit the Caves of Sauternes wine which is experiencing a world-renowned ideal with the cuisine of our southwest.

In area of ??Graves, Sauternes is a terroir, its high reputation hastwo domains: Yquem and Berdoulet.

Sauternes, older than 800 years, the pseudonym "the extravagance of Pleasure." It is 2500 hectares are devoted to its cultivation and more than 9 million bottles each year are born of the land by giving a  sweet nectar and soft, dressed  golden blond , who knows how to accompany fish with art as well as the white meat, foie gras or Roquefort, sorbets and tarts; whole program gastronomic perspective!

Among the most famous Sauternes : the great Château Yquem is very sweet .
All Sauternes grapes are composed  with the local trilogy follows:
Semillon typical country, brings the aromatic finesse, a certain harmonious complexity; Sauvignon, well known for its characteristic body,
Muscatelle gives an harmonization of perfumes.

At the heart of this region, the little village of Sauternes does of charm and finesse,  offers visitors the tranquility and relaxed lifestyle of this earth. A beautiful Romanesque apse adorned his church, and the castles of Yquem and Filhot respectively sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, to the discovery of their domain and their wines.


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